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When it comes to your oral health, finding an experienced dentist in 10019, the heart of Manhattan, can make all the difference. At Central Park Dental Aesthetics, their professional staff provides a sweeping array of the most advanced dental services, from preventive, restorative, and cosmetic care, to implant dentistry and periodontal therapy. With an expert periodontist on staff, they’re prepared to provide care for patients with periodontal disease at any stage. Providing bone grafting and a wide variety of replacement options for missing teeth, you can rest assured that at Central Park Dental Aesthetics, you will have access to every level of care you may need, and will be treated with the individualized attention you deserve.

Gum disease results from poor oral hygiene and begins when plaque accumulates beneath the gum line. In the early stages of periodontal disease, plaque begins to harden into tartar, and can cause swelling, redness or bleeding in the gums. At this early stage, known as gingivitis, periodontal disease can generally be reversed with minor periodontal therapy and regular brushing and flossing. In more advanced cases, tartar must be removed by a professional teeth cleaning and, perhaps, some more extensive cleaning treatments. If left untreated, significant amounts of gum and bone tissue can be lost. In the most advanced cases, teeth are frequently lost; in fact, periodontal disease is understood to be the leading cause of tooth loss in US adults. Your dentist in 10019, just a few blocks from Rockefeller Center, provides the essential periodontal treatment required to help reestablish the health of the gums and the teeth they support. Expertly providing deep cleanings and surgical treatment for gum disease, your periodontist can precisely remove any harmful bacteria found beneath the gum lines.

Dentist in 10019

Your dentist in 10019, conveniently located in the pulsing business area of midtown, is also a strong believer in preventive periodontal care. To help prevent periodontal disease from occurring or recurring, your periodontist will take care to show you the best methods for maintaining your oral hygiene, providing recommendations for additional steps as needed. If you have periodontal disease at any stage, now is the time to get it under control. To receive exceptional quality care from a careful and gentle periodontist, just a short walk from your office, contact the office of Central Park Dental Aesthetics to schedule your next visit.

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