Where can I find a Central Park dentist?

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If you’re looking for an experienced Central Park dentist with a commitment to excellence, you’ve come to the right place. At Central Park Dental Aesthetics, our practice is enthusiastic about providing the highest quality dental services to the Midtown Manhattan and Greater New York City metro area. Our prosthodontist and periodontal specialist make a sweeping range of specialized treatments available for the rehabilitation, restoration and continued care of your smile. Dedicated to remaining current with the latest dental technology, research and techniques, we make a fabulous selection of restorative fillings, crowns, bridgework, dentures, and dental implants available for patients in need of repair or replacement of missing teeth.

Central Park dentist

Dental restorations are used to reestablish the appearance and structural integrity of a tooth that have been damaged in some way. Whether treatment for a cavity or a dental injury has led you to our office for care, you can depend on our experienced dentists to provide you with an exquisitely fabricated restoration for the affected tooth, should one be required. As skilled and experienced dental specialists, your Central Park dentist offers a customized variety of cosmetic fillings, porcelain inlays, onlays, and crowns, artfully designed to improve the look, health and function of your teeth as well as blend in seamlessly with your smile.  If you’re in need of replacement for a missing tooth, a fixed dental bridge is one possible treatment solution for your smile. Anchored into place securely over the tops of your neighboring teeth, dental bridges provide a stable and natural looking solution for reestablishing your smile. With a choice of options in care, your dental specialists will guide you in selecting the most appropriate solutions for your smile.

When it comes to the rehabilitation and restoration of your smile, make Central Park Dental Aesthetics your number one choice for a Central Park dentist in the area. To schedule your next visit to our office, give a call to our friendly staff today!

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